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Mss Security Victorian Enterprise Agreement

Immediately, Sue thought that the security personnel in charge were not prepared for such a critical task. GRACE TOBIN: The Victorian government would not confirm whether the three mandated security companies had the same agreement. Wilson Security was responsible for quarantine security at three hotels in Melbourne. As part of this agreement between the Victorian government`s Ministry of Employment and Wilson Security, it was up to the security company to provide health, safety and risk management training in the workplace, as well as safety inspection and infection monitoring training sessions, before the guards took care of it. The Victorian government and its three mandated security companies did not provide concrete information on the inside of their hotel quarantine arrangements, but now 7.30 has received a copy of the contract with one of the companies that shows who was responsible for guaranteeing properly trained and equipped guards for the job. GRACE TOBIN: An investigation into what went wrong has so far described six hotels, ten public authorities and eight security companies as interesting for their investigations. Last week, shayla Shakshi, a 19-year-old security guard, told 7:30 a.m. that she had not received infection control training while working at Stamford Plaza last May. The agreement also stipulates that the security company must ensure that the guards wear all necessary personal protective equipment at all times. Authorities believe the wave of coronavirus cases swept by Victoria can be attributed to two Melbourne hotels where repatriated travellers have been quarantined. Tonight 7.30 can reveal the details of the agreement between the Victorian government and one of the companies responsible for hotel security. GRACE TOBIN: Epidemiologist Professor Mary-Louise McLaws says that, regardless of what was in the contract with the security companies, there should have been more oversight by health specialists in all quarantine hotels.

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