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Reverse Transfer Agreement

At Oakton, a partnership with Northern Illinois University is breaking through these barriers to provide a seamless process for students to gain recognition for the work they have completed for an associate degree. As part of the agreement, NIU analyzes recordings of former Oakton students and sends those transcripts specifically to Oakton for reverse-transfer purposes. Eligible students will receive a newsletter instructing them to complete a transcription release form and sign a FERPA authorization to allow for the exchange of information. Proactive contact with these students can then be used to inform them of the outstanding requirements needed to complete their associate degree. A degree is a way to show your performance. An associated degree – even after being taken over by a municipality or specialist university – helps you build your CV and puts you in a better position when you enter the job market. Eastern works with Michigan`s Community Colleges to make studying as simple as possible. These reverse-transfer agreements allow transfer students to qualify for an associate degree from the Community College from which they were transferred with the credits they earned at Eastern. Students who transferred before earning an Associate Degree can graduate through the transfer option at Western Washington University. Through this reverse process of articulation, universities and community colleges can agree to check student scripts and assign an associate degree from the transfer university when the student has earned the corresponding credits at the university, giving the student valuable additional proof. I work for a private university in NC, and we had similar agreements with our community colleges.

However, this was on a case-by-case basis and not on a system-wide agreement. As our accreditation agency and state funding check the graduation rate, this is a great way to make it easier for the student and college to complete their studies. Reverse transfer can be considered as obtaining an associate degree “retroactively” during the completion of a bachelor`s degree at a university. This can be an important safety net for students that allows them to earn credits to work at a four-year college or university for an associate degree in a community college. . . .