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Section 173 Agreement Manningham

When it comes to CTA, the Council must support this amendment. If the Council does not support it, it cannot be heard by the VCAT. The amendment must also be announced. If VCAT approves the change, the agreement may terminate. Section 76 of the Act amends Section 60 of the Planning and Environment Act, which sets out the issues that a competent authority must consider before deciding on an application for authorization. Article 76 adds that a competent authority must also take into account any significant social and economic effects that the competent authority may have of the notice of use or development. These new sections set out the procedure for requesting a decision of a competent authority concerning the amendment or termination of an agreement under Section 173 of the VCAT. [footnote 72] Two other changes to the removal procedure were noted by the Attorney General. First, there will be a new obligation for a referring authority to keep a publicly accessible record of all applications for authorization referred to it. . .