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Turkish Russian Agreement Syria

The deal was announced after about six hours of talks between Putin and Erdogan in the Russian capital. The deal appears to achieve Russia`s main goal, which is to allow the Syrian government to take control of strategic highways essential to consolidating its grip on the country after a devastating nine-year war. “It`s going to end as before,” the 33-year-old father of four said, referring to a 2018 deal in the Russian city of Sochi, creating a “de-escalation zone” in Idlib. At the beginning of the more than six-hour talks with the Kremlin, the two heads of state and government stressed the need for an agreement. One of the objectives was to avoid harming their bilateral relations and the flowering of trade. The deal, like a previous Deal on Idlib reached by Putin and Erdogan in September 2018, is unlikely to end the war in Syria, which began nine years ago and has killed up to 400,000 people, most of them civilians. It was also unclear whether Mr. Assad, who was not part of the deal, would abide by it. Russia on Friday requested a closed meeting of the UN Security Council to brief members of the deal, a diplomatic source told AFP. However, the agreement is unlikely to mark the end of the terrible suffering in the region.

The three-point agreement, read by the foreign ministers of both countries, also called for the creation of a seven-mile (12 km) “security corridor” along the country`s crucial M4 highway, which Russian and Turkish forces would patrol at the end of next week. At the same time, Syria has insisted in recent days that it continue its offensive, a position that could complicate Syria`s relations with Moscow if Putin wants to ensure that Thursday`s deal with Erdogan is imposed. “The solution in Idlib is that the (Syrian) regime does not diminish its hostility and withdraws to the borders in the agreements. Otherwise, we will do it before the end of February,” Erdogan said. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres “takes note” of the ceasefire agreement and hopes it “will lead to an immediate and lasting cessation of hostilities that will ensure the protection of civilian populations in northwestern Syria who have already suffered enormous suffering,” UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said. Erdoğan likely wanted to end Assad`s offensive in Idlib and keep the territory under his de facto control as part of a 2018 deal brokered by Russia. Russia wants to restore a balance in the region, which no doubt reflects the territorial gains of the Syrian army, without harming its relations with Turkey. Moscow (AP) – The Presidents of Russia and Turkey said they had agreed on a ceasefire to begin Thursday at midnight in northwestern Syria, where intensified fighting had threatened to bring troops from both countries into direct conflict. Although years of discussions on Syria have resulted in different agreements, many complaints have also been filed about violations. .